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My Button Magic is.......

The site offers a view of buttons I have made for sale. I offer you a Variety of sizes from 1 inch to 3.50 sizes of pin-back buttons, My 2.25 (2 1/4) buttons can also be made into magnets, mirrors and a bottle opener. The 3, 3.50 buttons can also be made into magnets With election time looming soon, I'll make a few of the candidates running. Prices are listed below as per size. On occasion I will offer discounts. If you like to purchase a button shown on site you may do so by emailing me. If you like a button custom made email me. If there is a discount I am offering please apply it to your purchase

Other Notes

the Buttons posted in the gallery are the latest one I've made. Finished product. Enjoy Also note that Buttons in Gallery are priced for those category of buttons. I have changed prices on my price list, and a deduction amount as a special now. I also have priced holiday and special event items differently than regular prices

Shipping Notes

If we need to ship button to an address, for now it thru the USPS, depending on how many you have ordered costs could be anywhere from $6.95 to 12.95 bulk rate or parcel post.

More notes..

Buttons Pictured here are illustrations purposes and are for sale, if you'd like one of our buttons pictured in gallery let us know, we'll be happy to sell you one. Also Note we will no longer offer Plastic Backs.


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Current Prices

1 inch button metal only


1.75 inch button metal pin-backs


2.25 inch button metal pin-backs


3 inch metal pin back


prices subject to change anytime

3 inch magnet


[email protected]

An email will be sent to the owner

General enquiry
Please note that My Button Magic may not be able to honour booking requests made.
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